Precast Concrete Transit Tapers – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Transit Tapers

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Product Description

Transit tapers produced by Absolute Concrete have been designed to protect flow performance both at the
inlet and outlet ends of the culvert pipe. They act to finish and secure the ends of concrete pipe, providing a
sound, functional and permanent structure. The unit has a galvanised grating which is designed to provide
for human safety and also to prevent debris from blocking the culvert. This also helps prevent scouring and
provides additional strength.


Transit Tapers are designed as an addition to culvert inlet and outlets for subdivision, roading and rural


Transit Tapers are capable of fitting a wide range of pipe sizes. They are fitted with are fitted with
strategically placed lifting anchors cast into the concrete, to allow for safe off-loading,and efficient and
economical installation. Each unit is manufactured with a galvanised grate