Precast Concrete Hazardous Goods Stores – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Hazardous Goods Stores

Absolute Concrete manufactures a range of precast Hazardous goods Stores. These units are designed to
offer piece of mind protection to Farms and Businesses and act to prevent unwanted spills into your drains
and waterways

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Product Description

Hazardous Goods Stores produced by Absolute Concrete have been designed to protect your hazardous
goods from accidentally fouling your waterways and drains. They act as a secure containment facility for
your drums of petrols, oils, paints and sprays and provide a sound, functional and permanent structure.
The unit has a galvanised framed pumice door which is designed to provide for safety and also so it is light
enough to manoeuvre.


Hazardous Goods Stores are designed as an addition to farms and businesses large or small.


Hazardous Goods Stores are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and are available in a range of
configurations, including single or double door, with or without shelving, grated or non grated floors, vented
or non vented, etc. They are fitted with are fitted with strategically placed lifting anchors cast into the
concrete, to allow for safe off-loading,and efficient and economical installation. Each unit is manufactured
with a galvanised door frame and pumice door..

Manufacturing standards

Hazardous Goods stores by Absolute Concrete are produced in accordance with NZS.3109:1997. With
surface finishes to NZS 3114:1987. They are manufactured in 40MPa concrete and can be made with 500 grade galvanised
steel for high durability. Marine options are also available on request.