Precast Concrete Spun Manholes – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Spun Manholes

Manufacturing standards

Absolute Concrete Manholes are manufactured to pipe standards NZS 3107:1978 and precast standards
NZS3109:1997 with surface finishes to NZS 3114:1987. They are manufactured using high strength
concrete and fabricated circular steel reinforcement to achieve a manhole suitable for standard
installations and have lifting anchors cast into the concrete walls. The flanged bases and riser sections
are steel reinforced so there is no need for preformed holes or knockouts allowing for entry and exit
punch outs to be made to whatever size required, just prior to installation.

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Manholes made by Absolute Concrete have been used throughout the North Island of New Zealand for,
access chambers, in both stormwater and sewer applications, drop chambers, pipeline junctions,
direction changes and attenuation tanks.

The Absolute Concrete manhole system consists of precast concrete and iron components and offer
proven performance. The system includes a range of manhole diameters and riser heights, as well as
various concrete lid options, cast iron frames and covers, steps, joint sealants, clamps, and base options.