Precast Concrete Silage Bunker Walls – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Silage Bunker Walls

  • Male Female joints
  • T units for maximum uni-lateral strength.
  • Free Standing or drill strarters for integrating with a concrete floor slab.
  • Corners available for a smooth transition to end walls.


Absolute Concrete produces T walls for containing feed silage,fertiliser bins etc.  These tip out walls offer a fast-track construction solution.  The versatility of precast concrete wall panels lends them to a wide range of applications; livestock housing, grain stores, storage bays, silage panels and flood defence walls.  Concrete is used more than any other man-made material for good reason; it is sustainable, durable offers superior fire resistance, gains strength over time and is affordable.  Our concrete products continue to perform in a wide range of New Zealand conditions.

Production Description

Our Absolute Concrete wall silage panels are manufactured using the conventional “T” shaped design, and may be tied in to the floor with reinforcing starter bars to form a complete, rigid structure or left free standing.  The wall panels are suitable for the storage of silo, grain, root crops, waste materials etc.


Our manufactured Absolute Concrete Silage bunker walls are then steam cured inside their steel moulds eliminating stresses within uncured product and ensuring the integrity and durability of the wall structure. They are manufactured with two lifting sockets cast into the edges of the panel for ease of handling and fitting with no holes to fill and seal in panel face.  Panels are easy to seal along the vertical joints due to rebates cast in to the panel’s edges.  Panels are easy to seal along the vertical joints due to rebates cast in to the panel’s edges.  Panels can be made to be used either single loading, double loading and with a backfill load depending on your requirements.

Manufacturing Standards

Absolute Concrete Silage Bunker panels are designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS3109.