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Precast Concrete Ducting

Absolute Concrete manufactures a range of pre cast concrete cable ducts. They are available in heavy duty or light duty and are suitable for use with concrete or steel lids and steel grates are also available. Pre cast Ducts come in multiple sizes, from 300mm to 1000mm wide and in different heights and lengths. All channels have interlocking male and female ends to ensure continuity of flow between units. They are steam cured and ready to go as soon as they are stacked in the yard.

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Pre Cast Cable Ducts produced by Absolute Concrete have been designed to provide a high strength cable trough for long term cable protection and housing of electric cables, fibre optics, gas mains and water pipes. They may also be used for the transportation of slurry, waste water, cowshed effluent and rain/storm water. Ducting is an ideal solution to underground electrical work and cable ducting


Besides their easy accessibility, Pre cast Ducts are also affordable and are completely non-conductive to electricity. Furthermore, concrete is is highly durable, more so than plastic or even steel and is resistant to chemicals. When you use concrete ducting, cables may be buried at such a great depth that they are safe from environmental changes. Cable troughs and ducts provide an easily accessible, affordable sustainable solution to rail, highways communication and power industries for the protection and troughing of power, fibre optic, pneumatic and rail cables. It is also environmentally friendly and allows easy access for cable repair, jointing and cable additions.

Manufacturing standards

Pre Cast Cable Ducts by Absolute Concrete are produced in accordance with NZS.3109:1997. With surface finishes to NZS 3114:1987. They are manufactured in 40MPa concrete and 300 grade steel for high durability. Marine options are also available on request.

We have our own hiab trucks and have delivered anywhere from Central North Island to the Cape.

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