Absolute Concrete Ltd is also a proud member of the BuildLink Group.

We’ve been providing a range of products as a service to the local community for  for many years but with our membership with Build Link we now bring you a bigger range of product at better value prices than we’ve ever had before.

Choose from:

  • Plumbing, Drainage and associated products.
  • Tools for doing just about anything so if you want to dig it, cut it, hammer it, mix it, drill it glue it, staple it the list goes on!
  • Rural fencing, gates, gudgeons, wire, hardware, insulators, standards etc.
  • Rural bits and bobs, tractor pins, lynch pins, R clips, shackles, ropes, chain, safety gear.
  • Spray paints and specialised coatings, sealants for all products and surfaces, water proofing.
  • Bagged ready to mix concrete, everything from standard mix through to High strength and rapid set.
  • Water pumps, house hold pressure pumps, de-watering pumps, stationary motorised pumps and pump parts.
  • Pipe fittings, PVC, Brass, Galvanised, Buteline and Polyethylene, also brass fittings for Air pressure.applications.
  • Camping tools and equipment such as half axes, machete, knives, torches and more.
  • Specialised concrete products, coatings and waterproofing compounds from all the top manufacturers.
  • Batteries both household and automotive plus some automotive and electrical accessories.
  • We can even source your other building supplies such as Ampelite Roofing, Bradford Gold Insulation and more.

If you need it, we have the supplier for it so feel free to call us with your requirement and we’ll price to get it in for you, usually at a couple of days notice.

Call now on (09) 431 2211 (option 1)

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