Precast Concrete Retention /Detention Tanks – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Retention /Detention Tanks

Customised Tanks in a range of sizes from 1,000 to 22,500 litres to meet your storm water retention and attenuation requirements.

We can pre-plumb the tanks to meet your engineered water attenuation requirements so you’re ready to hook up back-fill as soon as the tank is installed.

Send us your storm-water report and let Absolute Concrete come up with an engineered solution to meet your requirements.

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Absolute Concrete Precast Concrete Retention / Detention tanks to meet your design requirements.

Bring us the design specified in your storm water report and we’ll customise a tank to meet your needs.

Tanks may be designed to be fully buried, completely out of sight so as not to disturb play areas or views.


      • Made with high slump certified concrete, and reinforced with engineered reinforcing steel so we can add strength where it’s needed most.
      • We can also provide options for under car parks and driveways where space is at a premium..

Manufacturing standards

Absolute Concrete Retention Tanks are manufactured to standards NZS 3106 and use material that conform to NZS 3422and NZS 3109:1997.  They are manufactured using high strength concrete and fabricated circular steel reinforcement (welded steel mesh) not fibre like some other manufacturers.  This helps to achieve a water tank suitable for a range of installations.  The tanks have lifting anchors cast into the concrete walls.

A range of tanks are available to suit your situation:

After installation of the water tank we advise that you make sure it is filled with water before backfilling.

For instances where the tank is designed to remain empty most of the time, a flanged anti-floatation base can be added.