Precast Concrete Stormpath Catchpit Lids – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Stormpath Catchpit Lids

Stormwater drainage and the need to channel water from the sides of roads into drains or
underground pipelines is an ongoing concern. With this in mind Absolute Concrete manufacture a
range of pre-cast concrete Stormpath Catchpit Lids. They are made with the option of both standard cast iron or ductile iron covers. Pre-cast Stormpath Catchpit Lids come standard to fit 600 and 750 mini-manholes and 1050mm manholes. Custom Stormpath solutions are available for larger Manholes. All Stormpath Lids are available with the option of 535mm or 610mm dia openings. They can be steam cured for rapid delivery.



Pre-Cast Stormpath Catchpit Lids produced by Absolute Concrete have a larger inlet capacity than
standard catch-pit inlets and provide a greater level of the hydraulic capture of storm water flow.
This clever design avoids the need for hazardous roadside grates and grills that have a history of trapping cyclist wheels or becoming dislodged and causing a range of other hazards.


Each lid is manufactured with recessed swift-lifts underneath the lid surface so as to prevent trip hazards to pedestrians. This offers easy installation and reduced on site labour costs. Pre-cast Stormpath lids are an attractive and affordable option for assisting in storm-water collection and offer an increased kerb length as well as being highly durable. Environmentally friendly Concrete Pre-Cast Stormpath Catchpit lids are pleasing to the eye and are available in single or double units, left or right wings and it is possible to custom build for larger sized applications.

Manufacturing standards

Pre-Cast Concrete Stormpath Catchpit Lids Absolute Concrete are produced in accordance with NZS.3109:1997. With surface finishes to NZS 3114:1987. They are manufactured in 40MPa concrete and 500 grade steel for high durability. Marine options are also available on request.

We have our own hiab trucks and have delivered anywhere from Rotorua to the Cape.